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Application Outline

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Application Outline

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:22 pm


Please be sure to of read all the rules in the Guidebook before publishing your finished profile. If your profile is undone, please put WIP in the title, so that we know you're still working on it. Do not tinker with the code given, or your profile will not be accepted.

[b][size=16]Name:[/size][/b] Human-like names, since this is a shifter roleplay. First name, Last name is required. Middle name is optional.

[b][size=16]Age:[/size][/b] In Years

[b][size=16]Gender:[/size] [/b][color=blue]Male[/color] or [color=violet]Female[/color]

[b][size=16]Face Claim:[/size][/b] Must be a human; a celebrity, actor, actress, model, etc.

[b][size=16]Breed of Domestic Feline:[/size][/b] Any breed is allowed as long as it is a domesticated cat. No strange species of cat or large felines allowed.

[b][size=16]Pack:[/size][/b] Ultravias

[b][size=16]Requested Rank:[/size][/b] Please do not ask for a high rank unless given permission from the Alpha.

[b][size=16]Human Photo: [/size][/b] [spoiler] [IMG] IMAGE HERE [/img] [/spoiler] *Please do not remove the spoilers. Picture must be at most 600 in Width.

[b][size=16]Feline Photo: [/size][/b] [spoiler] [IMG] IMAGE HERE [/img] [/spoiler] *Please do not remove the spoilers. Picture must be at most 600 in Width and of a domesticated cat ONLY. No strange colors.

[b][size=16]Appearance:[/size][/b] Must include 7 sentences at least. Please be specific upon markings, eye color, fur color, hair color, etc. *Note that eye color cannot change between both forms. Ex. Blue eyes in human form, yellow in cat form, is not allowed.

[b][size=16]Personality: [/size][/b] Must include 7 sentences at least.

[b][size=16]History:[/size][/b] This includes birthplace, personal background, experiences, travels, important people, etc. Three paragraphs minimum, 7 sentences each at LEAST.

[b][size=16]How did you find us?:[/size][/b] Optional.

[b][size=16]Joining Keys:[/size][/b] Don't forget these! They're hidden well in the Guidebook.

[b][size=16]Example Post: [/size][/b] Must be at LEAST 10 sentences, we can't let just anyone join since this is a literate roleplay site. An example can be used from another site as long as they are human/animal related.

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