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» Baelfyre - Ultravias
Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:37 pm by Alpha Baelfyre

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Baelfyre - Ultravias

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Baelfyre - Ultravias

Post by Alpha Baelfyre on Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:37 pm

Name: Baelfyre Andre DaVinci

Age: 7 Years Old

Gender: Male

Breed of Domestic Feline: Maine Coon

Pack: Ultravias

Requested Rank: Alpha Male

Feline Photo:



Appearance: work in progress

Personality: work in progress

History: work in progress

How did you find us?: Site Owner

Joining Keys: - Removed by Admin.

Example Post:
Excerpt from Age of the Wolves: Striker
Calm; collected were the eyes of only a wolf couldn't help wandering out to the ocean blue shores that cooed happily against the white, considerably soft, already dampened sand. He form stayed perfectly still, facing forwards, while his snout chose to turn in the direction of the horizon setting close to the end of his view, where it would then sink behind another world so that his beautiful moon may shine upon his earth. The rise and fall of his chest was steady, and quiet as he listened silently among the sandy shores and gentle waves that rolled in, carefree and harmonious. The rock he had chosen to stand on was damp, but rigid, hard to stand on for long moments beneath the gentle pads of his feet without distributing his weight to sit down. His tail managed to drape over the side of the rock, carefully grazing the rough surface every so often until he felt it was better tucked at his side. The scent of salt-water made his eyes glisten and his nose sniff out of irritation - it annoyed him greatly, but the silence the land filled made up for it. It was therapeutic in its own light, perhaps romantic in another, and joyous in the company of friends. He could not bring himself to steer his attention away from the ocean, for he wondered how it could seem so calm and welcoming, when it was really a dangerous world for those that lived on land. No land animal would ever understand the life of an aquatic one, but he could only imagine the depths and secrets the dearest ocean withheld in her glory. And how beautiful she was, he thought, his gaze softening enough to look up as the smell of a sweet pine and lavender reached his nose, indicating that his one and perhaps only friend had heard him.

Striker looked around him casually, as if inspecting the area, but soon his eyes found their way to see her form approaching closer, hesitantly, like she were fantasizing him - or perhaps he had been a ghost, or she had seen one on the way there. Narrowing his brows slowly, he peered to her with slight concern until her figure had grown in size the closer she came up to him. The male had decided to meet her half way, taking the hare into his mouth slowly before reaching down to the mound of sand as he maneuvered his way over to her quietly. The grainy floor seemed to of mute both their movements, which made the air between them a lot harder to ignore, for the silence was incredibly loud among them both until she finally stopped, and he as well. With a single paw, he edged away a pile of sand from where he stood, forming a flatter surface to rest the lifeless rabbit down so that he may speak. But before he could manage even that of a small hello, she spoke first in question. His lips parted slowly, as if he were to answer, but it had seemed his voice didn't know how to form words just yet. "I..-," There had been several moments where the young brute could slip away from trouble with even a lie, or a strong excuse which also turned out to be only lies as well, but he couldn't bring his mouth to do it. And honestly, he could not think of an excuse - for there shouldn't have been one in the first place. Closing his lips, he swallowed and let out a small sigh as he dropped his gaze out of respect, ears narrowed back as his shoulders tensed up, "-It's a long story..," As he looked to the ground, he noticed the hare and leaned down to nudge it towards her with the end of his snout. He wasn't sure if she was starved, or even a tad hungry, but he tried to make an effort, to say the least.

"Do forgive me...," said the wolf quietly.

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